Berlin – The DDR museum

Ever wanted to know how it was to live behind the iron curtain in East Berlin before the wall fell in 1989? Well, then you should make sure visit the DDR museum, where you can really get a hands-on experience of history.

Located in Berlin’s historical district, close to the museums on Museum Island, the DDR Museum exhibits everything from the car of choice (which really just was one, the good, old Trabant with a several years’ wait list) to scenes from the daily life of both the main population and the wealthy few and it even has (among lots of other stuff) a life size typical East Berlin apartment replica. Disregarding the gun in the desk drawer, the apartment was not that different from what we oldies remember from the 70-80’ies (a mix of brown and orange ruled), but the apartments in East Berlin were of course in short supply and with endless waiting lists.

The last picture, the one with the grenades, is not from a military setting, but from a school yard setting (the world’s worse handball substitute ever)!!

The entrance fee to the museum is EUR 8,50 for adults and EUR 5,50 for children. It is well worth a visit, and if the weather permits, you can go for a tasty lunch in by the river afterwards.

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