Iceland – The Blue Lagoon

If you, like me, are pushing 50, the first thing that comes to mind when hearing “The Blue Lagoon” is the movie from 1980, starring Brook Shields and Christopher Atkins. But, the “Blue Lagoon” is also a magnificent natural spa, beautifully located in the midst of volcanic landscape in Iceland, which I had the good fortune of visiting some years back.

For approx USD 65 you can spend an entire day, floating away in the naturally heated water (warm enough even for a constant frozen Norwegian), enjoy the hot sauna or steam bath, grab a complimentary drink in the in-water bar or give yourself an rejuvenating silica & algae mask and just relax.

You can also book additional spa treatments, and my choice fell on an incredible relaxing massage, lying on a floating mat in the hot water.

We also chose to eat in one of the classy, but quite expensive restaurants in the resort. With prices starting at approx USD 560 a night for a double room, we chose to skip spending the night, however…

The feeling of swimming around in the clear-blue silica filled hot water was an amazing feeling, and a really recommended experience when visiting Iceland.