Holland, CityzenM Hotel Amsterdam – Hotel With a Twist

A few years back, me and my boyfriend was to participate in the Amsterdam Marathon. As usual, I was the one making the travel arrangements, and as usual I searched for a hotel in close proximity of the start/finish area. The choice fell on CitizenM, which both had a great location marathon wise and was affordable.

When we first entered the hotel, we were impressed with the cozy atmosphere in the reception area. It was buzzing with life and was obviously a popular hangout. It was first when we entered our room that we discovered a snag, a tiny hurdle if you will…..  In the middle of the floor was the toilet, with just the option of pulling a glass door around you when you were to do your business. The shower had the same arrangement, and it didn’t help that you had the option of changing the color of the light. Call me old fashioned, but I was not at all comfortable with this setup. Also, we were like 2 months into our relationship and were not at all ready to “share” so much information (and even now, several years later I am still not ready..)  So, my boyfriend ended up using the toilet in the reception and I used the one in the hotel room when he was away…

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