Dubai – beautiful sunset and an aging birthday girl

Then the sun has set on my second to last night here in Dubai before I have to return to the rainy and chilly weather back home. The day has really been great, much due to all the greetings regarding the marking of yet another birthday (I stopped celebrating my birthdays several years ago) and the nice gesture from the hotel housekeeping.

To prove that I am not at all old, I have now for 3 consequtive days been swimming 2000m, wogged for an hour on the treadmill as well as walked 500+ steps (OK the last one not really intended but more due to the fact that the elevators are quite slow so I rather choose to walk the 14 flight og stairs). This has resulted in a tired and sore body, so I am not quite sure what I really proved (or disproved). But, could we worse, right?

The sun sets around 19 during summer and then it is just to head down to the beach to enjoy the beautiful scenery and go for an evening dip in the ocean. The ocean temperature these days is solid 36 degrees, so not very cooling in other words. It is kind of like descending into a giant hot tub. But again, I sooo much prefer this to the chilly summer water back in Norway.

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