Dubai Marina – Activities for the whole family

Dubai Marina is a large artificial marina close next to Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) and is filled with luxurious yachts, architectual fascinating residens and hotel buildings, a several kilometer long running track, Marina Mall, a thrilling zip liner, playing grounds and all in all a lot of activities for the whole family.

If you are staying at or close to JBR, a visit to Dubai Marina is well worth your time, especially during the hottest months, where the marina cam give you a cool (or at least a less hot) break from the sun.

Once I had the pleasure of spending a day in a yacht out of the marina area, where we could really admire the JBR skyline and Burj Al Arab from the sea. An amazing experience that is really recommended. If hiring a whole yacht is not in your budget, then you can buy spots on a shared one from one of the many companies offering this service.

Dubai Marina also has a lot to offer for the palate as well and one of my favorites is Pier 7 with 7 restaurants under the same roof and with a great view from the terrace.

Personally I spend most of my time in Dubai Maina wogging along the around 7 km, partly in the shadow, running track.


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