Rome – H10 Roma Citta; finally a day in the sun

Repeating readers would know that I am kind of prone to freezing. I am always cold, so every fall I just want to hibernate and wait for spring. Last year we had an amazing summer from May to August, and even though I know that two such summers never appear after each other, I was still hopefull when we entered June. No such luck, however…

But, hopefully it was light in the tunnel. A «light» called Rome, and last Sunday junior and I embarked the KLM flight from Sandefjord heading for Rome, with transfer in Amsterdam. Our journey started a bit dramatic, though, with a guy having a cardiac arrest on board the plane, leading to us being met by ambulance, paramefics and security officers when we landed at Schiphol in Amsterdam. It did, however, look like they managed to save the guy, so kudos to the on-board staff.

At Schiphol we spent a couple of hours in junior’s favorite spot, namely the Aspire lounge, before taking the last leg to Rome.

When we arrived around 23:00, the airport was almost empty, so everything went smothely through customs. Outside we were met by our driver that we had booked in advance (giving myself a pat on the back for that one, since both junior and I were exhausted at this point).

Around midnight we could finally climb into bed in our cozy room at H20 Rome Citta hotel, in the outskirts of Rome and today we woke up to a clearblue sky, sun and comfortable 30 degrees.

After a great complimentary breakfast (due to early reservation), we headed straight up to the roof terrace with an approx 9 x 6 m pool, a jacuzzi and plenty of sun loungers. The water was quite cold, but at least very refreshing. The only drawback with the poolarea was that we had to wear these geeky bathing caps when being in the pool (which almost everyone disregarded anyway, but where I was busted and ordered to wear a cap when I at last also tried to skip the stupid thing.

The pool opened at 9 and at 11 the poolside bar opened, where they sold a few simple dishes, ice cream, snacks and drinks. All in all, a perfect day in the sun and finally a whole day without me freezing.

The hotel also has a small, but sufficient gym, that I tested on our first day, before we headed out to Trastevere for dinner.

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