Hot’n Toasty – wogging in 44 degrees Celsius












I arrived at my hotel in Dubai at 02:00 this morning, so a morning wog on the beach was out of the question today. Instead I slept until 8 before I made my way to the supermarket around the corner to purchase breakfast, coke zero and (lots of) ice cubes. I also swam 1000 m in the pool before it got crowded.

After retiring to my amazing room for lunch around 14:00, I was finally ready to donne my jogging shoes and head out to the jogging track at the beach. The plan was 30 min of slow wogging, but I threw on the towel after 20 min. It was too hot, even for me, to continue.

The beach at JBR is usually very crowded, but not this time of year, when it is too hot to go for a cooling dip in the ocean (feels like getting into a gigantic hot tub!. Only the really sun hungry (me) or the constant frozen ones (also me) prevails in the current conditions.

Unsurprisingly enough, I didn’t encounter any other runners/woggers on my wog. I actually barely saw anyone at all, and the few that I met looked at me as if I was a crazy person wogging in this weather.

After a couple of lazy hours in the shade og an umbrekka, I swam another 1000m before retiring to my room for a quick shower. Then I went to Mall og the Emirates to purchase some clothes to junior.

Safe to say, I love it here. I mean, I acknowledge the heat, but I so much rather take this weather compared to the quasi summer weather we tend to get back home.

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