Rome – finally time for some kickass sightseeing

After a few days enjoying pool life in the outskirts of Rome, we have now migrated to the city center for 2,5 days of serious sightseeing. We are staying at 9Hotel Cesari, a charming old hotel right in the middle of… well, everything. We are talking less than 5 minutes of slow-paced walking to both the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain. 

Like I mentioned, the hotel is both old and charming, but junior, who has somewhat other requirements than me, thinks their wifi service is well below par. Well, guess we can survive por connection for a couple of days…

We arrived at our hotel early, so while waiting for our room, we went down a narrow street for lunch and, hey, ended up at the exact same spot as where we had lunch a couple of days ago! We did, however, choose one of the neighbouring restaurants this time, where I got the most amazing lobster pasta. Seriously, if I had lived here, I would have gotten morbidly obese in no time. Talk about culinary goodies everywhere you turn!

Today has been quite a hectic day with switching hotels and lots of sightseeing. Junior has been a real champ with only minor complaints when trailing after his history-buff of a mother for way over 10km in 40+ degrees (= hot!!). Tomorrow will be no better, but I haven’t told him that yet. Have to come up with a reward system first. Stay tuned for posts about all the amazing sights we have been to..

When dinner time was approaching, we were quite tired and settled for a place like 10 meters from our hotel, where we ate a (not surprisingly) delicious pizza.

Yet another perfect day in Rome ended up with a Coke Zero at the rooftop terrace at the hotel; a breezy oasis with an amazing view

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